Wednesday, April 4

Writer's Block

So, I have a bunch of half finished posts... that just refuse to let me finish them all the way. So while I fight off this writer's block junk... here are some links to some of my favorite reads...

Sustainable Dressage has both great explanations and illustrations of collection and the horse's balance in general. If you like what you see, I also recommend checking out the tack section.

Mugwump Chronicles Sonita stories are both true and riveting. Mugs also writes about training and other general horsey topics from a western trainer's point of view.

Dressage Curmudgeon (pg 14 language on occasion) writes about buying a baby and turning her into a dressage horse.

These should keep you entertained for a while until I get my act together ;) If you have any favorites for me to check out link to them in the comments!

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