Thursday, April 12

Tack Addict Shopping Guide v. 2

It's time for another installment for all you tack addicts like me. For today's post, I'd like to show you one of my favorite bits. It's the Professional's Choice Bob Avila signature snaffle.

This bit's appealing in several ways. First off, it won't break the bank at right around $50. It's got copper inlay in the mouthpiece and it's little wide, so it doesn't have the pinching problem I've seen with a lot of loose rings; I still use bit guards just in case though. I ride just about every horse in this bit, and I love the feel. It's got heavier rings... although not the super heavy weighted kind. It's just heavy enough to give it a nice substantial feel that helps the horses pick it up and hold it, which gives you a connected feel even on a loose rein.


  1. I have this bit and love it too! It's the bit I've done 95% of Chev's training in. Nice pick!

  2. I have a whole collection of fancy snaffles in my tack room, but this is the one I want to ride everyone in. :)

  3. That sounds familiar! I am a tack addict and have everything from Bauchers, eggbutts, full cheeks, loose rings, tons of different mouth pieces with links, beans, etc etc etc--but I found I liked the simplicity of this snaffle, and it just feels good. I think the heavier rings help send a clear signal. I bet we'd agree on a lot of tack things!