Tuesday, March 20

Trail Rides

This time of year, as the weather starts to improve (she states optimistically), I start getting pestered to take people out on some trail rides. Those of you readers who know me in person know that I would rather clean sheaths all day than go on a trail ride. I have a stock answer that generally gets me off the hook with people. It goes something like this:
Trail riding presents a lot of uncontrolled risk, and it's not relaxing for me to feel responsible for everyone and their horses' lives.

But... that's not entirely the truth. The other reason I don't want to go on trail rides is more along these lines:
Riding through the woods looking at trees is BORING!!!





I would so much rather putter around in an arena than meander in the wilderness. Trail riding has no challenge, and therefore I think it's awful. There, I said it. Anyone agree with me?


  1. Trail riding scares the crap out of me. Yet, if I'm on a packer horse that I'm not scared of, I find it relatively boring. I'm an arena rider for sure. Though I'd love it if my horse was well rounded enough to go on a trail ride or (even better) a ride at the ocean!

  2. She'll get there, Mona! Arabs are like wine, better with age ;)