Saturday, July 6


I finally got a good picture of Betty, but that's not even the most exciting news. When we did groundwork Thursday, I ran through my pre-ride checklist. Flapped the stirrups, jumped by her side while pulling on the horn, putting pressure in the stirrup, and leaning over her back from the mounting block. Her behavior could not have said "Ride me!" any more clearly. She stood calm and relaxed like this had happened to her every day of her life. That's what I love about this girl. Since my trusty sidekick, Aly, is back in town on break from her summer job, I had a little extra motivation to put my first ride on her. I've been putting it off for no reason, and I'm so glad I finally did it.

We kept it short and sweet, but I'm so glad I finally rode my little horse. Aside from the fact that she mostly wanted to walk in tiny circles, I was really impressed with how calm she was with the whole process. SO excited to see what she turns into.


  1. She's so relaxed!! Nice work!

  2. Thanks! She is such a mellow girl. She makes it easy :)