Friday, May 4

Tack Addict Shopping Guide v. 3

For this installment, I'm showcasing not just a single product, but a whole line of great products!

Taken from the Thinline website: What makes ThinLine unique is its technology. ThinLine is an open-cell foam which moves shock, weight, and heat laterally across the pad.

These pads are great for absorbing shock, which makes the ride more comfy for us up in the saddle too, and are also reported to help saddles stay in place better. I've seen great results with my horses. s

What I love about the Thinline products is their great shock absorbing ability coupled with total ease of use. The rubbery material is super easy to wipe clean, and this stuff is built to last. I went through several pairs of smb's for my gelding who interferes while being ridden. 

Buying a pair of these awesome open front boots has saved me a ton of money in the long run. My gelding also loves them because they don't get as hot and itchy as his support boots did. 

I also have one of these awesome "saddle fitter" pads. 

The pockets allow you to add shims if you need a little more padding in a certain area. The fleece and construction on this bad boy are impressive. I feel I'll probably be using this pad for many years to come! 

Overall, my only complaint about the Thinline products is the price. They are definitely a little pricey, but with some good shopping, I've been able to find some great bargains! 


  1. I have been really tempted by their large western pad for a while now...but $250 for a pad? Naaah...I keep hoping for a heck of a deal on a used one :)

    1. Tell me about it! I bought one of the $100 western ones (just the thinline, no pad) and cut it in half and put it in a pad that I had with pockets. Fancy thinline pad for about $150 :D Added benefit that I can take everything apart and clean what I need to.

    2. Funny you mention cleaning it because that is something that's kept me from getting a pad with the ThinLine material integrated. Right now I have one like in the top picture and I love it, but I'd really love to get one of those saddle fitter pads. I'm still wondering if I could just go ghetto and duct tape the shims to my existing ThinLine pad lol.

  2. I have an Ultra Thinline pad for my pony. I do like that you can stick shims in the front or the back if you have a saddle that almost fits. They are effing pricey though.

  3. I have the saddle fitter thinline too and love it! And on sale it was only $135 even though I didn't have a color choice. Worth it!